Registration is normally at the Ruben Yli-Juuti Centre Municipal Pool.


Our 2020 Soccer Season is cancelled due to COVID-19 Concerns.

Our executive has been closely following the fight against the world-wide global COVID-19 pandemic. Our regular soccer season runs from early May to early July. It appears we will all be following the recommendations of public health officials well into our regular season. Our executive has therefore decided to cancel our 2020 soccer season.

Everyone needs to do their part to help fight the spread of the virus. Stay home. Go out only when necessary to get supplies. Stay two meters apart from the people you encounter. Wear a mask, if possible, to help protect others. Seek medical help if you are feeling sick.   Wash your hands often. Use your computer and phone to reach out to family and friends. We will all get through this together. Stay healthy and safe.


Download a printable copy of the registration form in Adobe PDF format.